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Happy December and happy holidays from the Peace Corps Community for Refugees team! First of all, thank you for your engagement in our community and on behalf of refugees in this country. Your votes, volunteer hours, and dedication create real, tangible differences in the lives of those seeking refuge. In this newsletter, we hope to provide opportunities for you to continue supporting, sharing, learning, and advocating for those around you! 

 New on the Blog - RPCV Voices: Kiera Eckhardt

“Across the U.S. there are thousands of refugee service centers with programs just like the one I’m helping to develop with Americorps. One thing remains the same across the country: these centers need your help.”

 Let's Keep Biden & Harris Accountable

The 2020 Election has come to a democratic end. As Biden & Harris set their national priorities, let's keep them accountable to their campaign promises: 
1. A task force to reunite families
2. A path to citizenship for immigrants
3. A plan to welcome refugees and asylums seekers

 New on the Blog - RPCV Voices: Gianna Bennet

"Fiberworks is a women’s arts group designed to support the positive integration of refugee and immigrant women into the Louisville community using a common interest in the fiber arts: sewing, crocheting, and reinventing textiles."

 Recap: Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov 16-20

Did you know refugees/immigrants make up 13% of the U.S. population but 30% of all entrepreneurs? To celebrate #GEW2020, PCC4Refugees highlighted stories and statistics showing the strength of refugee entrepreneurs across the country. Check out our Instagram or Facebook for more facts!