NGOs on Lesvos - With Map


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Refugee Camps on Lesvos

Moria: 8.5 km north of the Mytilene, the capital.   Kara Tepe:  5 km. south of Moria.    Pikpa:  2.2 km south of Mytilene

  • The following organizations have offices in Mytilene, the capital:  HIAS, Drop in the Ocean, Mosaic. 
  • Light without Borders is located in a secure office on the perimeter of Moria Camp.  Refugee for Refugees operates a warehouse near Moria Camp.
  • One Happy Family Community Center is located 4.9 km. north of Mytilene, a 10-minute walk from Kara Tepe camp.  Doc Mobile and Sport for Refugees offer refugee support and activities at this center. 
  • Lesvos Solidarity manages Pikpa camp.
  • Starfish Foundation is headquartered on the northern coast of the island in Molyvos but much of the work that a volunteer would be doing will take place in Mitilene.

Summary of NGOs’ requested time commitments

10 days minimum

There are three NGOs that accept volunteers for a minimum of 10 days.  They are A Drop in the Ocean, Showers for Sisters and Refugee for Refugees.  Volunteers interested in short term volunteer assignments can submit their applications on line for these positions.  

1 month minimum

Sport for Refugees requires a one-month commitment and is interested in flexible RPCVs with an interest in sports.  Volunteers can submit their applications on line.

HIAS also requires a one-month commitment but prefers a volunteer that can stay longer.  They do not have an on-line process and they are looking for a specific skill set. 

Light without Borders will accept an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist for one month but prefers longer for the other positions.  There is no on-line application process. Interested individuals will need to send a resume to the organization.

2 months minimum, preferably 3 months

One Happy Family, Lesvos Solidarity, Doc Mobile and Light Without Borders will accept volunteers for two months but their preference is for volunteers that can stay for 3 months.  One Happy Family and Lesvos Solidarity both have online applications.  The other two require a cover letter and resume be sent to their email addresses.

A Drop in the Ocean is also seeking volunteers with a longer time frame for positions on the management team.  Assistance with housing is a possibility for people that stay for a longer period.  

3 months minimum

Starfish Foundation requests a volunteer with special skills. Interested individuals must send a letter of interest which includes a commitment to 3 months of service and a resume to the Founder and Director of the organization.