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Resources for Refugees and Displaced Populations

Scholarships: A Great Resource for RPCVs, Teachers and Others Helping Refugee and Asylee Students

A partial list of colleges that give full tuition IF you can get accepted and your parents make under $75,000 to $100,000 per year (info is from last year so please verify).

  • Cornell, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Texas A&M, University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill, Duke University, Vanderbilt, Yale, Columbia NYC, Brown, Dartmouth, College of William & Mary, Harvard University, University of California, University of Texas, George Washington, Lafayette, Washington State, Michigan State, Wellesley College
  • New York announced that their medical colleges are free IF you can get accepted.

Some others that do 100% tuition:

  • Alice Lloyd College, Barclay College, Berea College, College of the Ozarks, Curtis Institute of Music, Deep Springs College, MaCauley Honors College-CUNY, Webb Institute, Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades Cooper Union Science and Art College.

Check out these documents with lists of MANY scholarships:

Facts and Figures

Figures ata glance