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What We Do

As returned Peace Corps volunteers concerned about the refugee crisis, we engage the Peace Corps community in supporting refugees. We believe that RPCVs have the commitment, adaptability and cross-cultural skills to make a significant contribution to this global humanitarian effort.


We stand with refugees by advocating for them and providing resources for others to do so at the national, state and local levels. We offer a way for RPCVs to become directly involved with refugee families and individuals by contacting one of the resettlement agencies we share collaborative partnerships with. In future, we hope to help RPCVs find overseas opportunities for assisting refugees.

Join the Peace Corps Community for the Support of Refugees!  



Provide support for the US-based resettlement of refugees 


Provide direct assistance for refugees overseas


Advocate on behalf of refugees at the national, state, and local levels

Recent News

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March 17, 2017
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