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Next Steps

Planning Ahead? Next Steps for Volunteering on Lesvos

We do not recommend volunteering in Lesvos, Greece, at this time due to safety concerns. However, you can use the "next steps" information to help you plan for future assistance when the situation there improves.  We will provide updates to the website as changes occur.

  1. Review the list of NGOs provided.  Decide on the time commitment that works best for you (when you would like to go,  how long you’d like to stay, etc.).  Determine whether you have the skills requested by the NGO.  Read RPCV Eirene Chen's excellent report on her experience in Greece.
  2. There is no specific time frame for applying.  It’s a rolling admissions process based on the needs of the NGOs and the availability of volunteers.
  1. Once you’ve decided which of the NGOs meet your interests and time commitments, submit your application(s) per the instructions on the NGO list.  Let NPCA/PCC4Refugees know where you have applied, and the outcome of your application, by emailing Judy Smith.
  1. NPCA/PCC4Refugees will provide you with practical information on travel, accommodations, insurance, liability wavers, etc. as available.  Please remember to check that your current medical insurance will cover you while overseas. If not, we strongly suggest all volunteers purchase overseas travel insurance that provides appropriate coverage since the NGOs do not offer health insurance or medical support. 
  1. NPCA/PCC4Refugees conducted a one-hour webinar on October 30, 2019 which provided additional insights on the situation “on the ground” in Lesvos.  It gives a brief history of how PCC4Refugees became involved in supporting refugees on Lesvos, an overview of the situation since 2015 and how the situation has changed, some general information about the NGOs and more specific information about the cost of accommodations and food on the island.  The webinar ends with a Q & A session that allows prospective volunteers to get their questions answered.  Please take the time to listen to the webinar if you are interested in volunteering on Lesvos.  
  2. For this project, NPCA/PCC4Refugees serves as a kind of clearing-house to provide information about NGOs on Lesvos that are interested in volunteers that have the kind of overseas experience acquired by PCVs.  NPCA/PCC4Refugees does not provide any direct support to volunteers or assurances that the NGOs will be suitable hosts.  In the event of an emergency or other serious issue, the volunteer must look to the NGO and his or her own resources.  NPCA is not in a position to directly assist volunteers in, or in transit, to Greece.  NPCA is not responsible for travel or other arrangements and is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury. Please be advised that there has been limited vetting of the NGOs and of the situation in the camps.  As a result, volunteers must do their own research to decide whether this is a service activity that is appropriate for them. 
  3. NPCA/PCC4Refugees would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and recommendations at any point during your application process, while you’re in Lesvos, or when you return.  Your feedback will be used to improve our list of NGOs and give new volunteers improved information.  Please feel free to provide us your comments/questions/feedback by emailing Judy Smith.